About us

Midlite has grown to be one of Canada’s largest privately-owned utility contractors. Founded in Alberta, we’ve developed the systems and teams necessary to thrive in Alberta’s heavily regulated and monitored energy industry.

Industry Leaders

We’ve earned the trust of Canada’s largest energy companies by focusing on what we’re good at—powerline construction. While our client list and service area has continued to grow, we’ve never lost sight of our core service and the critical role that it plays in our clients’ operations.

Aboriginal Owned

Midlite Construction Ltd. is owned by Rocky Buksa. As a member of the Metis Nation of Alberta and of Fort McMurray Metis 1935, Rocky is committed to supporting metis individuals, businesses, communities, and organizations. Midlite is a full-member of NAABA and of ROABA and has supported countless local community initiatives, fundraisers, bursary programs, and charities.

our mission

To provide focused services to critical electrical infrastructure projects while leading the industry in safety, quality, project management, and community engagement.

Our Vision

To lead the utility industry in powerline engineering, procurement, and construction. We will continue to expand our business by remaining focused on our core services and the critical role they play for our clients.